November 19, 2005

What do you believe in anyway?

November 16, 2005

I was recently reminded of my first full-time job. I was the receptionist for my home church in Vancouver. Yes, I said CHURCH. Yes, I said RECEPTIONIST. It was a really big city church. I got the job right after graduation. I had grown up in the church so I knew all the pastors and they all knew my family (even though there were over 2000 members) so I was quite stoked. At the time church was all I knew. Yes, you heard me. I was the receptionist for my church. It was great!

They fired me.

Yes, you heard me.

To be fair, they told me they were simply down-sizing. That my position (reception) was no longer required and was being dissolved. That I had contributed wonderfully and they were so saddened by my impending leaving. I sobbed.

Three weeks later they hired another receptionist.

I'm now thirty. They've had a full-time receptionist ever since.

All I ask is a little honesty here, people. Why can't they just admit they FIRED me? Is it because it's not becoming for a church to fire one of its own faithful goers? Oh wait, NO IT ISN'T! It's twisted and sort of sadist and definitely defeatist.

The only place I've ever been fired from is MY OWN CHURCH.

Which may explain why I now work in the cinema industry. When I worked at the church we were forbidden to go to movies. So it's sort of fitting that I now manage a movie theatre. Or, I guess, a "seething den of sin" depending on what perspective you adopt.

I love the irony of my life. Being fired from a church is almost an oxymoron. It takes a special kind of person to get fired from a place that is supposed to be a haven for lost souls from any walk of life. And I wasn't even a drunk then!

November 14, 2005

Marcus and Eliza are leaving.

Eliza is going to New York and Marcus is going on a cycle tour from L.A. to Florida. They won't be back until the end of January.

I'm excited for them. I am! I love New York. And Florida.

But in a way it's like my family is going away.

I suppose I've been working too much to truly appreciate having them here. Why are cliches always true? Why is humanity so dumb? Is it SO HARD to appreciate things while you have them? It's as though we are genetically engineered to only see the beauty of things in hindsight.

Good luck, Marcus. Cycle hard but don't forget to stop and write along the way.

Good luck, Eliza-pixie. Immerse in the museums and boutiques that only New York can offer but remember to bring it all home with you. I'll miss you. x