October 9, 2005

I'm back into my beloved Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice after a lengthy absence due to the fact that I flat-out refused to finish The Vampire Armand because it was simply so good that ending it was unthinkable. I allowed myself to be briefly distracted by Cry to Heaven which contains no vampires but is brilliant nonetheless. But I have Blood Canticle sitting on my shelf just BEGGING to be read and Blackwood Farm at home in the same state and I can't dive into either until I finish the Vampire Chronicles journey properly. Thus I reluctantly finished Armand (may I say "genius" without sounding breathless and worshippy?) and started my latest. (Which, in typical Gabrielle format, actually takes place PRIOR to Armand but which I am reading AFTER. *sigh*) Order notwithstanding, Memnoch the Devil is everything I love about Lestat and everything I love about Anne Rice. Lush and impossibly elegant descriptive prose, utterly vain and adored vampire brat-hero, and ponderous examinations on the spiritual state of mortal and immortal alike. I figure I'll consume Memnoch (it's impossible to pace oneself when devouring something so absolutely divine), beg for a copy of Merrick whilst doing so, then hope that somebody from home takes pity on me and mails me my copy of Blood and Gold in time for the end of Merrick.

While I read (and beg and wait and enjoy), I ask you for your personal favorite vampire moments. After all, this blog started off being about vampires. Well, okay, vampires and tigers. And Elves. But vampires were first. So indulge me, pretty mortals, and offer me your favorite vampire moments (they don't have to be Anne Rice ones) to satiate my unending vampiric hunger.

Selkie has already offered me Guilty Pleasures by Laurell K. Hamilton. It is about a vampire HUNTER so naturally I deferred but, sorely tempted, I tiptoed in and found a MOST delicious novel full of the sort of luscious vampire seduction that I so adore. Kudos Selkie! I am making a slow feast of Guilty Pleasures while pacing through Memnoch. So speak up, the rest of you. What have you to offer?