August 16, 2005

A typical conversation about wind:

Me: God, its windy today! *shiver* I hate wind.
Them: Hate wind? Why?
Me: I don't know. I'm just scared to death of it.
Them: Oh, true? Scared of wind? Why?
Me: I don't know. It's a phobia of mine. You know?
Them: Yeah, I see. I have a phobia of (insert phobia here).
Me: Yeah. Wind and spiders for me.
Them: Spiders I totally get. But wind? Why wind?
Me: See, its a phobia. An unexplained and paralyzing random fear. So... I don't know why because its unexplained. You see?
Them: I know what a phobia is.
Me: Oh. Good.
Them: But why wind?


But let me tell you, Wellington is the wrong place for a wind-phobic person to live. I wonder what a phobia of wind is called? *looks it up* Anemophobia: fear of air drafts and Ancraophobia: fear of wind. I have to say, I've never had an irrational terror of air drafts. I mean, they're annoying but I can handle them. So I'd say I'm more ancraphobic than anemophobic. It's nice to have a name for things. Ancraphobia. Fear of wind. You know, there are a lot of phobias listed on The Phobia List page. Some of these I don't think can truly be called "irrational or unexplained fears". I mean it seems fairly rational to me to have a profound fear of cholera. Or of sexual abuse. Or of leprosy. I would think the fears that are less logical would be the more likely to be labeled phobias. Like the fear of sitting. Or of dinner conversation. Or of knees. Or, you know, of wind.

I'm hardly one to talk here. I live in Wellington. A city whose slogan could be "Wellington: We'll blow you away". And I'm afraid of wind to the point of hyperventilation and paralysis.

The moral of this story is that phobias can't be explained so stop asking me why I'm afraid of wind. And don't ridicule people who have phobias because by god when I find out you're an optophobic who also suffers from porphyrophobia I sure as hell will mock you in return. Especially since you have to open your eyes to see the color purple.