July 27, 2005

I bought a cigarette case with a picture of Marlene Dietrich on it. I feel very swank when I use it. Like an errant socialite or something. Or maybe like a failed actress whose aging but still fetching features can turn heads with a combination of icy confidence and vaguely bored heat.

Anyway, it's real cool.

And now a random picture of Poe:

One day I will fly home to my cat. I have these dreams where I burst through the arrivals door at the Seattle airport and run headlong through the baggage claim towards Poe who is running headlong towards me at full kitty-tilt. And we meet in a weeping mass of fur and limbs. Only sometimes it's Craig Parker instead of Poe. And then there's less fur.

I might go back to work now.

July 24, 2005

I'm in Eliza's room idly updating my blog while she tries on outfits. Somewhere on the other side of the door is a small child running pell-mell through our flat. We hate small children, especially ones invading our personal space. So we've holed up with clothes, cigarettes, and Eliza very kindly (and self-sacrificingly) playing NSync.

It's my only day off today. One day out of seventeen. I have watched a movie starring the luscious David Wenham. I have shopped. I have had far too much coffee. And now I'm listening to NSync.


Embassy? What's that? I only know happiness and freedom today. I only know this room, these millions of Eliza's clothes, the feel of caffeine coursing through my veins, and the prospect of a decadent dessert out later.