June 18, 2005

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June 17, 2005

Things I'm Not Cut Out For - Part One

1. Less than two hours of sleep
2. More than one job
3. Oh hang it, ONE job
4. Combinations of the above that include two jobs and no sleep (I'm LAZY, people!)
5. Being asked if I'm on the dessert menu
6. Making lattes
7. Drinking coffee without sugar
8. Not drinking coffee
9. Dating (and no, I'm not on the fucking dessert menu)
10. Taxes (and/or death - actually I'd take death over taxes)
11. The hill that leads home (it's really STEEP *whines*)

Things I'm Definitely Cut Out For But Never Get The Chance To Prove - Part One

1. Flying
2. Owning a hundred cats (I can hear Poe scoff from here)
3. Marton (oh I'm SO cut out for him! *growls*)
4. Ruling the world (TRUST ME)
5. Being stupidly and independently wealthy above and beyond all reason
6. Being infamous (like a member of the A-Team!)
7. Logic (what?)
8. Bling
9. Immortality

I like lists.