January 14, 2005

What's really frightening is that William Shatner's latest album is... GOOD.

I'm not kidding.


January 13, 2005

*points out of the screen like an Uncle Sam recruitment poster*

Consider this an update, Soldier. NOW GET BACK TO WORK!

*clasps hands behind back and strides offscreen*

P.S. Hunter Season One is out on DVD now. Aarongorn sent me this all-important news update. So for those of you who miss me so much you can't stand it and just have to buy me presents to stave off the misery of facing February without me, you now know what to get. Have I mentioned that Stephen J. Cannell is a genius? I mean this ONE MAN made both The A-Team and Hunter, possibly the two greatest contributions to television of all time. I bow to your genius, Stephen J. Cannell. If I had my autographed picture of Stepfanie Kramer with me, I'd light a few candles around it in your honor.