January 1, 2005

2005. I saw it first. And let me tell you what I know: tinfoil jumpsuits are surprisingly breathable.

The future is a giddy time, my friends. One day we'll all look back on antique concepts like "walking" and "bathing" and laugh uproariously. But for now feel free to indulge recklessly in the latter. You know, while it's going out of style and all.

Happy new succession of 365 days. My resolution is to feed off more smart people so as to avoid the leg-hold trap of inanity that plagues the mortal coil. Oh yes, and to eat more chocolate. Why resolve things that will make me miserable? Life tends to be short enough already.

December 26, 2004

Before Homie and I embarked on our (for him) recent and (for me) current adventure to Middle-Earth, we had quite a different trip planned. It was only a last minute emergency that forced us to alter our course. For an entire year we had planned to begin our travels in Nepal then journey through Tibet, China, India, Thailand, Egypt, and Europe before at last spilling into Middle-Earth at the end of the year. We were a mere two weeks away from departure when we sat down in a travel agency to book our ticket to those exact places. But on that very morning a riot had broken out in Nepal. Citizens enraged by US soldiers executing twelve Nepalese natives had stormed the airline building and set it on fire, rioting through the streets as they did. The borders and airport had been shut down and a state of martial law instilled. On the very same morning we set in to book our tickets there. It affected everything as then Tibet would be shut to us, not being able to access it from the Nepalese side, and we had already had trouble getting Chinese visas for direct entry there. So on the fly, that morning, we altered our entire year-long plan and headed instead to New Zealand with a brief stopover for three weeks in Malaysia and Singapore.

And then this.

Initially we had thought it a blessing to have avoided being trapped by militants in Nepal. We had thought that was the worst and went about our trip feeling vaguely relieved. But if we had been able to stick to our original plan, we would have been in either India or Thailand this month. We were aiming for a beach Christmas in Thailand, had we been able to get all our goals accomplished in India before the end of December. We would have been right in the path of the earthquake-fed tsunami that ravaged Asia only yesterday. My heart aches for all the people who lost their lives to the disaster even as I breathe a faintly panicked sigh of relief at being safely ensconced here in Wellington.

Anybody who doubts there is a God will get a vehement argument from me. I'm alive. And that's not what my plans had in store for me. My plans took me right into the mouth of death. Only intervention beyond my control saved me. And saved Homie.

There is a God. I just wish I knew why he saw fit to unleash such terror on so many people. I wish I understood divinity. I don't. All I do know is that I believe in it.