December 16, 2004

There is a man-boy here at my internet cafe of choice in Welly in a pretty green floral skirt and a headband upon which are mounted two shiny pink cat ears. It's a stunning ensemble and it's somehow enhanced by the fact that he's got a full mustache and goatee to round out the delicacy.

I'm all for drag, actually. And there appears to be no shortage of it to go around as Glamarama is currently showing at Bats Theatre this weekend. WOULD THAT I COULD GO! *shakes fist at the gods of work who have deemed that she must sling pasta instead of watch men in lipstick and sequins cavort about onstage* However, this isn't strictly drag. This is just a man-boy with cat ears and a pretty skirt. It's a bit baffling. No more baffling than the edict that apparently dictates you must abandon deodorant for a period of no less than three days prior to using this cafe, however. *wrinkles her nose delicately* I showered only hours ago so I KNOW it's not me.

And just yesterday I saw a man in a shirt, tie, and dress pants doing a handstand in the middle of the sidewalk for no apparent reason at all. God I love this city!

December 13, 2004

The Post About That Show Starring Craig Parker

The last post, the first update in over a month, was dedicated to Duckie. But THIS post, the one about that show starring Craig Parker, is dedicated to River Selkie. See, there are only about three other people on the North American continent as fascinated by Craig Parker as I am and one of them is Selkie. So, baby, this one's for you!

Mercy Peak. That's the name of the show starring Craig Parker. If you've never seen it (you haven't), you need to have a recognizable sort of image to compare it to. But that's difficult for me since a) I never watched TV back home, and b) New Zealand TV is somehow a lot different than American TV. I'll try my best. Mercy Peak is less frantic than ER, less soapy than General Hospital, and less random comedy than Scrubs. Common thread: it's a hospital drama. It's not a soap like Shortland Street is (note: Craig Parker was also, once upon a time, on Shortland Street along with the likes of such luminary notables as Marton Csokas and Karl Urban) but it's not a rabidly-paced emergency room drama either. It's about a young female doctor who leaves the hectic city practice that's draining her for one in the small New Zealand town of Bassett. Where the name of the hospital is Mercy Peak. Nicky Somervile is the young female doctor's name (played by Sara Wiseman). Craig Parker plays Alistair Kingsley. I believe he's meant to be, by study, a pediatrician but as Bassett (and therefore also Mercy Peak) is small, he ends up being more of a GP. He's also astonishingly bad with kids so it seems somewhat amusing that he may be a pediatrician. ANYWAY. He was studying genetics in Germany when a familial upheaval called him home. He now lives back at the family home with his doctor father William Kingsley. They get along about as well as me and my family. So very very poorly. William thinks Alistair is a slack-ass, pot-smoking, contrary waste of a son who spends more time mooning over girls than really thinking politically. Alistair thinks William is a hard-nosed, heavy-handed, emotional tyrant who spends more time trying to make his (and the rest of Bassett's) life a sort of dull hell than being a cool guy. They're both sort of right. Alistair has a SERIOUS crush on Nicky but she's oblivious. Mostly because Alistair is spineless. Nicky thinks her and Alistair are (say it with me now, girls) JUST FRIENDS. The plots sort of spiral out from there. Things go awry with the Bassett sewage system and the water lines end up polluted. Alistair (who reacts very squeamishly to all types of bodily fluid for a guy who's supposed to be a full-fledged doctor) wants the pipes dug up and replaced and William doesn't as it's only a storm-reactive situation and Bassett doesn't have the funding. They lock heads. Alistair goes behind William's back to the board. Meanwhile Nicky is struggling to reconcile the sudden friendship of the woman whose husband has a thing for Nicky and ends up having to take back a nude portrait of herself purchased by said husband in the interests of supporting charity. It's like that. Alistair will eventually confess his undying love for Nicky who will spurn him. Their friendship will be tested. He'll swing in rebound hell into a very bad relationship that has inexplicable ties to his father and she'll get into a very bad relationship that makes her think twice about Alistair. Etc. Etc. Meanwhile they manage to distribute medicine and keep Bassett in more or less good health.

It's a good show. It's not ground-breaking. But it's well-acted and the majority of the characters are very likable. Especially poor Alistair. I know I'm biased about him due to Craig's portraying him but my god, he's just so adorably hapless! How can you not like him? It's like finding it in your heart to dislike an eager labrador puppy. Alistair is forever stumbling around making things worse for himself, locking heads with William over his maryjane habit, hanging out at Nicky's glaring at any man who stops by to chat, and looking horrified at the vagaries of medicine. He's just... so... ADORABLE. He's totally inept. And yet he's not. When pushed he can rise to the occasion. And god forbid you cross him too far. When the pot wears off he can be a bit vindictive. But mostly he's just adorable. And Nicky, as played by Sara Wiseman, is so completely attractive as a person. You'd love to hate her (especially if you have a thing for Alistair) but you can't. She's very charismatic, very intelligent, and works hard at being non-offensive. All in all Mercy Peak is a good solid entertaining show. But I can see where it was doomed from the get-go. It's not soapy enough to compete with Shortland Street. It's not hip enough to appeal to the all-important The OC demographic. And it's not dramatic enough to be taken seriously by critics. Sad, really. Because I'm really enjoying watching it. Selkie, you'd love it.