October 28, 2004

So it's October 29th today and my last post was October 9th. *looks innocent* I'm really on top of this blog updating thing. Twenty days between posts. That's some kind of record, I think! Broken only by the great Blarg himself.

I'm no longer in Malaysia. I'm in New Zealand. No, not Auckland. I left there weeks ago and have already wound my way to the near-bottom of the North Island. Palmerston North is where I am currently. A hop/skip/jump from Wellington. So far I've visited Hobbiton, Mordor, and eyed Mount Doom from a distance. Yes, New Zealand really is Middle-Earth. If you doubt me, buy a ticket.

So far also I've been thwarted in my efforts to find the delectable Craig Parker. Where is Craig? Germany. It just figures that when I finally make it to New Zealand, he's in GERMANY. And the luscious Marton Csokas? He's in Austria? Russia? Oh who the hell knows? Somewhere far away that isn't New Zealand filming the movie Aeon Flux with Charlize Theron. To his credit, he's starring in the film. So three cheers for Marton. But Craig is just wandering from RingCon to RingCon avoiding me so no cheers for Craig. *scowls darkly*

I shall endeavor to update more regularly. Like, say, more frequently than every twenty days. Stick with me. Do I still have readers? Stand up and be counted so I know how many I've lost. Bite me. Please.