September 17, 2004

The road goes ever on and on...

And I've miles to go before I sleep.

Hannon chen, mellynen. (Thank you, my friends.)

Every farewell reminds you how valuable friendship is. Distance cannot truly dim bonds that bind hearts together. Nothing can take me away from your thoughts or you from mine. Namarie Gotthammer and Dragonfly, Blu and Duckie, Blarg and Kimdianna, Crogdor and Troi, Neverlus and Kirsi, Rustyangel, and the familia here in Cryptspace. I love you all. And I will be back to regale you with tales from afar. Keep an eye on the Crypt for updates.

And now, I'm off to find the Elves. SQUEE!! Wish me luck and I wish you joy in return.

September 13, 2004

I'm still around, my pretties. I'm just largely incommunicado. Troi and Crogdor's computer got itself sick by fraternizing with other computers unprotected (insert .com condom jokes here) and we three are suffering the consequences of that fraternization in terms of internet silence.

I have a funny story to tell you about Troi and I. We drove to Calgary on Saturday to visit our hairdresser and get all beautified for the wedding yesterday.

*train of thought jumps tracks*

CONGRATULATIONS KIMDIANNA AND BLARG!! *whoops it up* They're officially hitched and we here at the Crypt couldn't be happier. Love to you both. In Elvish.

*train of thought derails*

Whoa. There's like a Beatnik working the counter at this internet cafe. I had no idea beatniks were still alive and well in Edmonton. Though I guess that's no stranger than a beef stand in a Toys'R'Us parking lot. Oh you heard me. A beef stand. Selling berries at a roadside stand is one thing but raw slabs of dead cow? *dies a horrid death* You just have to love Alberta.

*train of thought has a Bruce Willis in Unbreakable moment*

Calgary. We're fuelling Troi's sassy little vehicle up at an Esso at about 10:30pm. Full serve. The two young male attendants of the brainless gas station variety are jostling each other while washing the windows and cavorting about the car in a pseudo-studly "there are GIRLS watching" manner. They finally finish their strutting/fuelling and one runs back into the station to fetch Troi's change. Upon returning with it he says "Hey, can I have you guys' numbers? Todd like totally thinks you're hot and would like them." Troi smiles in a half-sly, half-innocent way that only she can manage and says "Well they're Edmonton numbers so he'd be calling long distance." To which Brain Surgeon #1 replies, oh-so-suavely, "Oh I don't think he cares. He's pretty horny." Troi smiles again, adds an eyelash flutter, then says very seriously, "Okay. My number is 555-1010." We both hitch our breath (me trying not to snort with laughter) and wait for him to call her on the bullshit. He doesn't. Instead he memorizes the number with something akin to desperate bravado in his tone. "555... uh, what was it again?"
"1010." Troi, very calmly. "Got that?"
"555-10... 1..."
"0. That's it."
"Edmonton area code?"
"Okay, Im'a go tell him! Thanks!" And he's away like the flash he'll never be. Troi pulls the car smoothly out of the station and we both scream with laughter. Somewhere some movie set is going to get a call from a nervous young man named Todd looking for "Like, those two chicks with the black car" and they're going to laugh at him on that movie set and womankind will feel collectively vindicated in some small way when that happens.

Oh yes, and Homie and I leave Friday. For Malaysia. Don't ask what time, I have no idea. *glares at Skotty* I said DON'T ASK!