September 9, 2004

I see from my last post that if you're relying on the Crypt to stay in touch with me, then you're all frightfully out of touch with my current status. I shall remedy that immediately.

1. I no longer have an apartment. The Woodsy Crypt had a hostile takeover and we were forced to flee for our lives after a bloody coup. Or maybe that's sort of a fiction I made up and what really happened is that we moved out in preparation for our impending world trip. Homie has wandered off to the woods of the Gotthammers and I've made a temporary Crypt in the lovely home of Troi and Crogdor which is also where I'm writing from. May I say that Troi and Crogdor have been the most generous and welcoming hosts ever and I truly feel at home here. I even have candles by my bedside. Yes, candles. Just like in a real crypt.

2. Poe, cat of the Crypt, has been successfully transferred to Bellevue where she now resides with Shannie, Skotty, and an apparently fascinating laser pointer. I can't say more than that just now because I never cried so hard as last night when I realized no Poe would come to curl up on my bed to sleep.

3. I'm only JUST back from Las Vegas (Crogdor picked me up at the airport after 11:30pm last night) where my best friend Cassandra was married. The wedding was utterly gorgeous and it was such fun to see all the neighbors and friends of my childhood again. Cassandra was a stunning bride. Vegas itself was a giant soul-sucking abyss. An expensive, nerve-searing, giant soul-sucking abyss. And I'm glad to be home.

4. On September 17, Homie and I take off for greener pastures. Okay, maybe not greener. Okay, maybe not pastures. But we are definitely taking off. However, the trip that had originally been planned was scrapped at the last minute and we're now embarking on a whole new adventure. First, kudos to our flexibility. It's not often that people can laugh in the face of a travel agent telling them their year-long plans are so many pipe dreams due to political unrest. *shakes head* What had we originally planned? Well it involved Nepal, Tibet, China, India, and Egypt among other things. Why was it scrapped? Because last week twelve Nepalese citizens were executed in Iraq. I see you collectively shrugging. This is the point at which world news starts to hit home, my pretties. Nepal didn't take the news of their citizens' demise all that terribly well so they started rioting, shut down their airports, burned down their mosques, and a state of martial law was imposed. This means no tourists to Nepal. Since we had already encountered much strife in obtaining a Chinese visa, no China unless through a neighboring country first. And since we then couldn't access Tibet - as China and Nepal do tend to border Tibet - no Tibet either. Which brings us to Egypt. Also last week soldiers marched on an elementary school in Russia, grabbing both children and headlines. Again this is where world news touches home as that event took place very near the Turkish border in Russia. Since the only way from India (one of the stops I was most looking forward to because of the tiger reserve we had planned to visit) to Egypt is either through the Middle-East or over it, we had to reconsider. Turkey being the only "safe" passage in a land than includes Iraq, Iran, and Afghanistan, it no longer seemed the travel haven it once was. And flying was out of the question due to expense. So no Egypt either. Which brought Homie and I to tough decisions in a very short amount of time. What we decided was to avoid most of Asia, all of the Middle-East and Africa, and not include Europe since doing so once again doubled our flight cost. The new itinerary is as follows: We fly from here to Los Angeles and then out to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We stay in Malaysia for about a month before flying to Middle Earth. I mean, Auckland, New Zealand. From there the sky's the limit as to the best of my knowledge New Zealand, Fiji, and Australia are all more or less neutral in the Iraq conflict. And have nothing to do with Russian school children. Of course, given the current global climate, anything can happen. But for now we're doing Malaysia and New Zealand and whatever else crops up in between.

Now you have all the news that's fit to print. And I bid you a fond adieu as I'm off to wander the snow-crusted streets of home and enjoy the fact that there is nary a neon sign or naked girl flyer in sight.