April 13, 2004

Remember when this blog used to be about more than pervy Lord of the Rings obsessions? ..... me neither.

There is a band, up here in the wild northlands in which the Crypt is situated, that plays very kick-ass music. This band even has a vampire song. It's called The Burden and you should really go listen to it. Go right now. I'll wait.


Okay, now that you've tasted the beautiful rocking darkness that is The Burden, you've officially been initiated into Seven Devil Fix fandom. Yes my pretty mortals, the band I speak of is called Seven Devil Fix and you may learn about them here. Two very good friends of mine who happen to also be crypt members, gotthammer and evolving blue, are in 7DF. But what's more, the boys are currently nominated for a Canadian Vibe award for Hard Music Album of the year. The catch is that you have to vote for them. It's like people's choice only you can't choose Tom Hanks or Julia Roberts (thank god). So go here and make your mortal voice heard amongst the masses. Tell the Vibe people that Seven Devil Fix and Lotus deserve this accolade. Don't believe me? Go back to the site and have a listen. Go on. I'll wait.


What did I tell you? Now go ahead and vote. You know you wanna.

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