February 25, 2004

I would just like to pre-order my copy of Homie's book of poetry. Oh, excuse me, he's interrupting my personal blog to correct me. He wants me to call it by name. Homie Bear's Big Book O Shit. Which is exactly what it will be. Since he declared that he would only publish it once he was supreme dictator of the most populated country in the world. So. For everybody who already has their VISA ready to swipe, just be patient. First comes China then comes poetry.

I should probably add an addendum. Homie's poetry is not shit. But the Big Book O Shit is. Notably because publication depends on annexing China. Which is difficult since technically he doesn't own Canada. So annexing another country to one he already has a slightly dubious claim to will be a bit of a challenge. Give him... oh... say, a year.

Anyway, if you're interested in a preview of Homie's poetry, you can stay tuned. I challenge him to "pooblish" three consecutive "pooems" on his blog - one per day - on the following topics in order. (I figure anybody who will one day be supreme dictator can handle something this paltry with no effort.) The topics are: Day One - Lembas Bread. Day Two - Ode To Poe. Day Three - Shining Elephants. I know Homie Bear can rise to this particular occasion. Keep your VISA cards handy, folks. These will be "poofound".

*tosses gauntlet down*

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