February 14, 2004

I am just now settling in to enjoy my morning cup of coffee. At ten after two. Like I have something pressing to get out of bed for on a Saturday morning in February?

I washed Lola yesterday. (Lola is my car.) She had turned into a filthy and unrecognizable street urchin of a vehicle and I couldn't handle it anymore. I took her through the SuperWash and she emerged vain as a peacock in her gleaming lipstick-red paint coat. Then I went to Buffy's house to indulge in all manner of decorating shows on TLC while making Halloween-themed goodies in honor of VDay. When I returned to Lola, much much later in the evening, her lock and doors were frozen shut. Now I'm not totally brainless. I know better than to wash her in minus 35 degree weather. (Balmy by Edmonton standards, that.) But yesterday hardly dipped below zero. It was gorgeous car-washing weather. This isn't the first time Lola has become a very large, very expensive, very inoperable lawn ornament, either. Her doors are perpetually in a half-solid state and I'm beginning to wonder if it's a genetic feature of all Sunfires or just particular to Lola. Either way if she insists on freezing shut on nights when I am laden down with CDs, Tupperware containers full of baked goods, and no proper coat, I am going to have to rethink the value of our relationship and fill her tank with regular gas for awhile in a peevish attempt to snub her.

Drinking coffee while dressed in my brother-in-law's gigantic borrowed hoodie at twenty after two on a cloudy VDay with no immediate concerns or reasons to get out of said hoodie does make everything much better, though. Lonely hearts nothing - I've got a roommate, a cat, a full coffeepot, and enough hot-guys-go-to-war movies to last until next VDay. I am goddess. Hear me smite.

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