February 16, 2004

The following entry was made by Poe, cat of the crypt, in the absence of her owner...

Today I slept on the end of gabrielle's bed. Then on her pillow. Then her arm. Then I got up and meowed loudly in her face just to let her know I was getting up. She rudely pushed me off the bed in reply. I noticed she hadn't filled my food bowl yet. I sulked and scratched the carpet for awhile. Then I climbed onto the back of the futon, bit the lampshade, and went for the elf. He's easy to reach if I stretch with my paw and he fell right down onto the carpet on the first try. I scattered his swords as best I could. Then I had a nap. When gabrielle finally got out of bed, she spotted the elf right away. She started screaming in that gibberish humans call a language and I'm pretty sure a lot of it was directed at me but I was washing my paw at the time. She re-arranged the whole shelf so I can't reach the elf anymore. Stupid human. Then she left the apartment. Without filling my bowl. When she got home I voiced my anger and was ignored. So I got up on the futon to make my point and got an earful of water from the stupid spritzer in answer.

Tomorrow I'm taking out the plant while she's at work.

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