February 29, 2004

Day One

Bears Are Great

Bears are great, bears are good
they prowl frequent through the wood
if you think you might not care
you'll wish you had when you meet a bear
Bears can kill you, yes they can
with their claws or a master plan
They're cunning beasts, smart as whips
plotting, thinking, taking trips
If by chance you run into one
apologize quickly then turn and run
Bears are great, bears are good
do you hear me? I think you should
(For reasons yet unknown to me
I'm channelling Dr. Seuss you see
This challenge has me in a spin
for bears and vamps are not close kin
It seemed the only choice I had
was clever rhyme and meter bad)
I digress so back to bears
who really aren't that good with stairs
But in a forest they're right at home
so don't go camping without a phone
I tell you once, I tell you twice,
bears can kill you - their claws can dice
Mostly they're quite noble creatures
fair and just with added features
I prefer they keep from spreading poo
through my lovely crypt as would you
Yet I find I have no choice
but to praise the bear, to lift my voice
and proclaim the mighty mantra
"Bears are great"-er than Sinatra.

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