December 29, 2003

It hasn't escaped my notice that year end is the time when everyone likes to pull out their top ten lists in summation of the past twelve months. I was going to jump on the old Top Ten CDs and Top Ten Movies bandwagon when I thought "Screw that!" I'm not about random lists. So in due homage to all the look-back lists for 2003 but in keeping with my true obsessive/passionate nature, I'll instead unveil my own version of retrospection. Realize you're about to witness history in the making.

The VampireNomad's Top Ten LOTR Elf Moments

10. Haldir and Legolas' Elf Shoulder Clasp of affectionate greeting at Helm's Deep.
9. Legolas telling Merry and Pippin with obvious pride that a single bite of Elvish bread would fill the stomach of a grown man.
8. Legolas' one-handed backwards swing up onto his horse in the Rohirrim charge.
7. Haldir at the head of the Elven army at Helm's Deep.
6. Legolas' shield slide down the steps of the Helm's Deep outer wall.
5. Legolas stabbing one orc through the eye with an arrow only to use the same arrow to shoot another orc dead in FOTR.
4. Haldir's tragic and touching death at Helm's Deep.
3. Legolas asking Gimli if he should describe the battle or get him a box.
2. Legolas' stirring pronouncement of "They run as though the very whips of their masters were upon them" without pause in his running gait.
1. Legolas' hero moment of single-handedly climbing and slaying the oliphaunt.

Honorable Mention would certainly have to be awarded as a tie.

Every time Aragorn asks Legolas "what do your Elf eyes see" and Legolas' accompanying stud pose and narrowed gaze into the distance.


The Legolas and Gimli body count of Helm's Deep that culminates in Legolas shooting the corpse Gimli is sitting on with the claim that "he was twitching".

So many Elf moments... so little time...

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