December 22, 2003

I haven't been updating because I've been too busy watching and raving over Return of the King.

"I've never seen a perfect movie before." ~ Blarg; after Sunday's viewing.

There is something about Lord of the Rings in general that captured not only the imaginations of a generation but their hearts as well. And as amazing as all the special effects are, the guts and glory of Peter Jackson's accomplishment is that the story is alive with a pulse, driven by characters called to extraordinary feats of valour who doubt and falter and weep along the way. Despite the magnificence of watching Nazgol and orcs and vast sweeping battles and great oliphaunts and belching volcanos, this movie wouldn't be what it is without it's heart. And it's heart is borne by the most unlikely of heros, a halfling with wide eyes and hairy feet who draws to himself the most courageous and vital of companions to aid in the telling of the tale. If you didn't love these characters, Return of the King would be nothing more than a technical marvel. Instead it gets inside your mind, it writhes under your skin, it pushes out from beneath your lowered eyelids and you feel it in the core of you because you care. The fates of these people matter to you. And you understand something of your own soul, your own desires, and your own fears through them.

No mere movie can do this. No mere fiction. There is, every so often, a tale that spins itself out from the very essence of humanity. That is what Peter Jackson managed to imprint on film. The intangible beauty of who we are meant to be.

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