November 26, 2003


Sunday disappeared in a scattering of sunbeams behind the cemetery trees and in a heartbeat I find myself in the dying hours of Wednesday without an update. Well. No more.

I decided it's well nigh time to introduce you to my coven and crypt inhabitants. Cast your eyes to the right... there you go. Against a backdrop of bloodtint rest my allies. Come, meet those whom I have spared the kiss of death.

praying madness
He's a brilliant web designer who just today cruelly crushed my black army on the chess board. (Pawn to Queen - O Vicious Gambit of Unending Terror.) My brother-in-law Skotty and doubt not that he is as talented as he is mad.

Mike is a multi-hyphenate. Writer-preacher-artist-musician and you should fear him, he's frightfully adept. Additionally noteworthy is the fact that Seven Devil Fix, the band he belongs to, has a vampire song in their repertoire.

blarg industries
Big business visionaries aren't usually as affable as Blaine but though he created the formidable Digi-eye technology, he remains humble enough to act in local theatre productions and improv sessions.

evolving blue
Blue, also known as Taylor, is my partner-in-crime in a hush-hush venture we're pouring our creative juices into. He's a wonderful artist (digital and otherwise) and a drummer of merit in Seven Devil Fix besides.

mark ryden{blood}
I don't know Mr. Ryden personally but when Homie pointed me in the direction of his Blood Gallery, the eerie portraits struck such a chord that I included him as an honorary member of the crypt.

Actually the site of one Jonathan Clark whom I have never met. But his gallery of hauntingly lush cemetery photos is my second online home and should be yours as well if you wish to see what happens after I have my fill of you.

homie bear
Homie's woods couldn't be more diametrically opposed to my twilight world but I've learned that a bear's wisdom is profound at best and generous at worst. I visit the woods daily for a little delight.

Blue's other online home. As opposed to the professional portfolio at evolving blue, this site is where we learn what goes on in Blue's head and reveal telling secrets like 'Blue won at the 'NSync boardgame' and watch him hang his head.

Now you've met them. Familiarize yourself with their worlds. If no man is an island, so a nomad can not wander unless from a place known fondly as home. Home is not tangible, rather it's borne in the hearts of those you care most for. Those that touch you in some mysterious way.

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