October 17, 2003

Were you aware that The A-Team episodes on DVD are only available in the UK? I didn't even know the Britons watched The A-Team, much less watched it so much that they would want to purchase their own copy for posterity's sake. I'm floored. But what really gets me is that you can't just order it from a UK source because their DVDs are formatted for Region 2. We here in North America (land of the free, home of the brave, shunned by A-Team DVDs) are considered Region 1. Different formatting. DENIED.

So I did a good old Google search. God bless Google.

Columbia House sells The A-Team on DVD. However, they won't let you examine what sort of DVD it is (shady underhanded dealings surely abound in the House of Columbia) and I suspect it's only a single disc which, through my UK searches, I learned contains merely two episodes. Hardly worth being harrassed by Columbia House minions for all eternity over two episodes. I demand at least four as payoff for that.

Now here I sit, in Region 1, without the Team. I have never wished for an underground contact in the world of television digital rendering as hard as I'm wishing right now. If I had The A-Team episodes on DVD, I would probably squeal and clap my hands and set about watching them all back to back. In short, much joy would be had. And the DVDs themselves would earn a cherished place in my collection. Part of the eighties revival section. Guarded watchfully by my autographed 8x10 photo of Stepfanie Kramer.

You don't know who Stepfanie Kramer is? DeeDee McCall from Hunter? Oh... good lord... don't even get me started...

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