October 27, 2003

There are a lot of things on my mind. Little slivers of insignificant babble vying for position at the starting gate of my mouth. PLACES!

I was Maleficent in the Costume Knock-Down Drag-Out. I won third. I was trounced by a predictibly adorable baby chicken and baby spider. So if you discount the babies on account of cuteness and, you know, size... I won. And I didn't even have to turn into a dragon at the end...

There were other worthy opponents that I won't detail here on account of laziness. Suffice it to say that there were others. And that the other notable event of last night was the Red Hot Chili Peppers concert that I did not attend. Which brings to mind, through some random force of whimsy, memories of every other concert I've attended. I had thought I was rather a concert-going novice but, upon reflection, I seem to have something of a habit going on.

Concerts attended by the Vampire Nomad (in no particular order of import or chronology)...
Bryan Adams
Janet Jackson x2
NSync x2
Billy Joel
Matchbox 20 and Everclear
Marilyn Manson
Alanis Morissette
Backstreet Boys x2
Matthew Good Band and Swollen Members (via Snow Jam)
Tina Turner (featuring Lionel Ritchie)
Harry Connick Jr. x2
Barenaked Ladies
Sarah McLachlan and Paula Cole (via Lilith Fair)
Chantal Kreviazuk
... and sundry other symphonies and jazz concerts...

"What kind of rat bastard psychotic would play that song right now at this moment?"
~ Fear and Loathing in Edmonton on a Monday night ~

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