October 27, 2003

"Punk rock girl says can't you play a little faster
I only like the music when it goes real fast
Punk rock girl says can't you play a little louder
Just a little louder cuz I like it like that
Punk rock girl says can't you play a little faster
Can't you play a little louder, man can't you do that?
Punk rock girl, she don't wanna hear the slow songs
She don't see the point in crap like that"

Prey for Rock and Roll is the soundtrack to the indie movie of the same name currently storming theatres everywhere except here. Since I am denied the ability to review the movie, I'll review the soundtrack instead. Prey is the story of a struggling girl punk band whose lead singer, Jacki, is in her forties and toying with the idea of abandoning the whole gig since the band has never gotten their big break. The music is circa 80s punk rock with a decidedly 2003 twist. Gina Gershon, who plays Jacki in the film, does all her own vocals here and it's her performance that drives the album. She is backed by punk grrrl lyrics from Cheri Lovedog, Samantha Maloney from Hole, Sara Lee from the B-52s, Gina Volpe from Lunachicks, and Stephen Trask of Hedwig & The Angry Inch fame.

Gina Gershon, an actress by trade but clearly a singer by passion, growls and prowls through the songs. She is more punk than half the 'legitimate' punk acts I've heard these days. In Punk Rock Girl she's teasing, you can practically hear her smirk through the saucy lyrics. In Every 6 Minutes she's angry, she belts out the words to a song about rape statistics and it's personal, she demands that you hear her. In The Ugly she is just plain punk. She takes the songs and infuses them with a tangible grit and wild sort of seduction. This is punk the way we love it. Angry, loud, good, and sexy. Gina has a new career if she wants it.

As a whole the album is a ride. It takes you through the movie's paces but it doesn't lose you. It maintains a driving beat and relentless guitars throughout. This album knows that its heart is rock and roll and it never forgets itself. Neither the songwriting nor the capable lead singer will let you forget it either. If you're smart, you'll get Prey for Rock and Roll so that you're in on the revelation when Gina Gershon becomes a rock goddess in her own right. But you'll love it because it's damn good.

Now if Gina could do a duet with Brody Armstrong from The Distillers, I could probably die happy...

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