October 29, 2003

Perforated Pete Panda

In choosing a design with which to turn an ordinary pumpkin into a jack-o-lantern, I don't immediately say 'Arnold Schwarzenegger'. Apparently I'm alone in this. Enough people want Terminator pumpkins lining their driveway that Ah-nuld has now become a Halloween staple of sorts. Well he is scary.

We didn't carve Ah-nuld into our pumpkin. Our pumpkin looks like this. Only ours has a few issues with the piece that separates the forearms. And also the mouth isn't as... pronounced. But sitting up on the balcony rail with a flashing light set into the gutted interior our little panda gives a real festive feel to the apartment. All due credit must go to Jen for showing us the design site in the first place. And for doing the carving. Since I haven't been allowed to play with knives since that unfortunate incident from a few years back...

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