October 2, 2003

Once Upon A Time In Mexico...
... there was a killer soundtrack that played as the backdrop for a certain vampiric chiquita's online update. This soundtrack featured wild mariachi guitars, maracas, pounding drums, and an overall spanish saturation that made the listener feel as though perhaps, if they went and flung open their apartment door, a cloud of red dust would blow in from the dry dirt roads of el pueblo beyond.

My head is full of fleeting images and little news briefs.

Today Arnold apologized for 'behaving badly' towards women in his impetuous youth (circa 2000). He says that as of now, today, in this governor's race, he wants women to know that he is 'the champion of the women, for the women'. I, for one, am relieved. I think he should win for the sheer entertainment value of listening to more of his riveting speeches.

Last night I had a dream that I was riding a giant cat through the rainy streets of a futuristic town. I know it was futuristic because all the buildings were made of bizarrely tinted metal and there were no plants of any kind in sight. From this I conclude two things: 1) We'll never learn to control the weather, and 2) I should lay off the Star Trek before bed.

You know those little chocolate balls foil-wrapped like pumpkins? I've had twelve so far today.

I end with one of my favorite Sharon Stone moments. Courtesy of 'Diabolique'.

*Sharon lights up a cigarette and Proper Man coughs pointedly*
Proper Man: Second hand smoke can kill, you know.
Sharon Stone: (toneless) Not reliably.

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