October 21, 2003

It rained today. I caught sight of it out the window at work. It slanted off the pavement in liquid checkmarks and gave the parking lot a glossy veneer. It didn't last long.

Just now it sounded like thunder. It was, however, only a neighbor opening their patio door. The slide rumbles through the floorboards like thunder. It's disconcerting if you happen to be an amateur predictor of weather with a penchant for being too lazy to actually get up off the couch to look outside.

It was the sort of day where possibility oozes around every corner. There were patches of sunlight that paved golden roads from the sky to the sidewalks of Whyte Ave. I drove under the rays and marveled at how the light could make something mundane into a sort of Xanadu. I could have accomplished anything at that moment.

What I accomplished was picking up Badass Jack's for myself and the boss. It was after lunch that it rained. And despite all the unlimited possibility that the day opened with, I actually accomplished very little else.

Except the eating of nine pumpkin-wrapped chocolates, the locating of my Halloween costume, and the watching of 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show'. All in all, not bad for a day's work.

... it's just a jump to the left and then a step to the riiiight...

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