October 9, 2003

The future is here.

That so absolutely deserves to be bold-face. The future is here. And I helped fashion the press release that announces it. You see I have this friend, Blarg, who is this brilliant theorist type (read: actor with delusions of grandeur) who is actually going to re-invent the wheel - or the eye, as it were - and become a kajillionaire. Seriously, I hang with geniuses. Sharon Stone may be a Mensa member but I KNOW BLAINE KEHL! And once Digi-eye hits the market, you'll be begging me to set up lunch dates with Blarg for you. Let this site proclaim that Gabrielle knew Blarg when.

You may submit your sponsorship pledges by clicking the 'bite me' link. Thank you on behalf of Blarg Industries, Digi-eye, and Prime Minister Jean Chretien.

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