October 26, 2003

... coffee... mmmmmmcoffee...

My cat stuck her nose into my face and meowed rather rudely. It's only noon, you spiteful thing. WHY MUST I BE UP? But then I made coffee...

*sighs in bliss*

I haven't updated in a few days because I've been consumed with thoughts of dressing up. Not in a Versace ball gown. In glorious costumey goodness. Halloween is edging up on Christmas in my list of 'holidays I love' and only remains second due to the simple fact that you don't get a day off work to celebrate all the wicked joys of the occasion. You get to dress up, though! Any time I can dress up - and I don't need an excuse, mind you - I'm a happy girl. If only there was some sort of costume portion to Christmas. I digress.

I have no less than three legitimate excuses to dress up in the immediate future. First is tonight at the G Halloween bash. My costume, if I do say so myself, is kickass. And I'll get to wear it again on the second occasion of dressing up which will be on Halloween night itself when we storm the theatres to watch 'Alien' on the big screen. *squeals in glee* And THEN I'll get to dress up a la 'a sweet transvestite from Transexual Transylvania' when we go Rocky Horror-ing the next day.

This brings to mind all the times I've 'dressed up' for non-Halloween reasons. There was mine and Homie Bear's recent Marilyn Manson concert excursion where we dusted off our best burlesque-goth outfits in His Grotesqueness' honor. There is my daily incarnation as a cautionary tale of what not to do in fashion when I don my work uniform and play responsible adult for the day. There is my lingering notion that I am actually a punk goddess trapped in a middle class Canadian body. I have a legitimate cowboy hat that I wore to my one and (hopefully) only foray into the Stampede. And the hat part of my Halloween costume for tonight I actually purchased in DisneyWorld and wore it around the theme parks for a day and a night.

I would like to officially plea for more days set aside as costume days. We need more reasons to dress up in our daily lives. Nothing keeps you young like pretending to be something other than a working-class adult with more bills than brains.

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