September 26, 2003

Oh lord, I hate to do this. I give my very best every day to ensure that this blog remains a sanctuary to higher thinking. A creative den, if you will. Not that every utterance I make is profound or even necessary, but I like to at least believe that even the inane ones are worded well. Every so often however, something comes along that shouldn't be acknowledged - even to laugh at it. And it's one of those things I just can't help but point out here.

Name a young blonde popstar. Not that one. Okay, not that one either. No, the Olsen twins do not sing... yet. I'll give you a hint. Her name starts with a 'J' and ends with an 'essica Simpson'. Give up? Yeah, so do most people upon encountering her staggering intelligence. She had a hit record called 'Irresistible' a couple of years ago. She married one-fifth of a boyband. Not from that one. No, not from that one either. Nick Lachey. I can't name a single song he and the other four whose names escape me (mostly because I never knew them to begin with) sang. It's sort of a moot point anyhow since Nick and Jessica have a reality TV show now. It's called Newlyweds. A little puppy told me that it's an almighty piece of fetid crap. I believe that puppy. And just today, while skimming the entertainment 'news', I found this little gem. It's called 'The Wisdom of Jessica Simpson'. I laughed right out loud.

Then I decided to share it with all of you. Hey - not every post can save the world, okay? One day at a time.

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