September 22, 2003

It's obscene that I'm listening to Madonna's 'Open Your Heart' at this precise moment. But I have to tell you that it's a far better thing than the inexplicable Milli Vanilli pounding the walls from the neighboring apartment.

I was messing around with the colors on this site when Linda (see 'bitten') posted the lovely message about liking my blog. I was flattered. And I feel that if she ever visits again she will like it even more since the rollover color of my links is now different from the actual background. Thanks to D for that little email tip.

So this is the new and improved Vampire Nomad. If you visited during renovations and wondered what the hell was up the the "lovely kitty" post, I have two words for you: Homie Bear. He was hammering the walls of the HTML room and had that to say as a test. I'm going to post something a tad bit more... entertaining... later. So check it out. "No seriously, check me out."

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