September 21, 2003

It is somewhat fitting that I type my first post at nearly one in the morning (vampire noon) after having just watched 'Underworld'.

'Underworld' was marvelous. A beautiful marriage of 'The Matrix' and 'Queen of the Damned'. I drove home feeling oddly buoyant and craving something more akin to danger in my own existence. It's a theme I know too well as I have never been much of a settler. All these things just feed my innate wanderlust. Twilight musings in the dead of night.

There is no reason to believe that a great many things can not be accomplished in a single lifetime. A lifetime is plenty long enough to achieve whatever goals are really hungered for and realize whatever dreams ache with the most yearning. It is a time-worn mantra we are only limited by our own boundaries. This I discover time and again in my own world. There are a great many things I wish to see and do before my time is up and I suddenly understand that there is nothing standing in my way except, well... me.

I'm not actually sure if this tiny epiphany was sparked by conversation over dinner or merely booted into the light of reality after festering in my head for some time. I have a need to wander. And I think this little piece of the online universe will serve as my outlet for mental wanderings as I push towards physical journeys in the days to come. Stay tuned. It ought to be a hell of a ride.

And in the meantime there is 'Underworld'. Fill your head with vampires and lycans and then see how grounded you feel as the credits roll.

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